Saturday, March 14, 2020

Across Five Aprils by Irene Hunt

If you enjoy historical fiction or the Civil War era...
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this is the book for you.

Jethro Creighton was too young to fight in the Civil War. He and his 15-year-old sister stayed with his parents to help out on the farm. Meanwhile, Jethro's three older brothers and his beloved schoolmaster Shad all leave to fight. Like many families living in border areas they disagreed about whether to support the North or the South.

Irene Hunt does an incredible job of displaying the stress and anxiety of a war torn family. A family mostly fighting on the popular side of local support, but still targeted by some for some of the family members choices. Jethro is forced to grow up quickly as his father's health deteriorates.

Irene Hunt uses letters from the men at war to their family members at home to display the horrors of war and educate the reader about the major events unfolding. Young Jethro and his sister, help us to understand the emotional drain of living in uncertain times.

A great read for anyone middle grade and older!

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