Review Policy

Thank you for your interest in Middle Grade Book Club reviews.

I am currently interested in reviewing middle grade books by self-published authors. Please only submit books that are appropriate for grades 6-9 or ages 11-14. I am a middle school teacher and book club adviser as well as the author of three books for this age level. My interest is in helping self-published authors gain exposure for their work, helping middle school teachers find literature for their classrooms, and finding quality books for our own book club.

I am interested in only hard copies of self-published books. My goal is to choose three books monthly to read and review. If a book is chosen it will receive a review on this site and will be advertised through Twitter, Instagram, and FaceBook pages. These will be honest reviews. Favorite books each month may receive a more extensive review and coverage.

To request a review please send the following to

1) a 100 word or less summary of your self-published middle grade book
2) total pages
3) author website

If your book is chosen you will receive an email request for the following:

1) a hard copy of your book
2) an emailed author photo
3) an emailed image of your book cover

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