Saturday, March 14, 2020

Game 7, 1986, by Ron Darling

I am a long time New York Mets fan. There, I said it! I joined the fan base when Gary Carter came over from the Montreal Expos and I likely will never leave. (life has taught me to never say never)
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I really enjoyed the musings of Ron Darling about his experiences in this monumental game in the history of the Met's franchise. Darling shares some stories about players from that magical team. However, the theme of the book is more about his psychological approach leading up to and feelings and mental state during the game.

As a college pitcher, I found myself reflecting back often to my own experiences on the mound. As much as I was enjoying the ride the book took me on, I often wondered how someone with no such experiences would view the book.

When I finished this book, I read another book by Ron Darling called 108 Stitches. Here's my recommendation. If you are a huge Met's fan, with playing experience, go with Game 7, 1986. If you are a more casual fan with limited playing experience, the other book in which he tells stories alphabetically about all the characters he came into contact with through his years in baseball, might be more enjoyable.

More appropriate for high school age and older readers due to frequently foul language.
⭐⭐⭐ for both books

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